How to differentiate hair texture just by looking

Natural: naturally straight and is the perfect texture to choose if you want a sleek straight look. All of our straight hair can be curled beautifully according to the hairstyle of your own choice. You have the ability to do what you want with your hair! Great stuff it is 😉
Loose-wave a perfect middle option to choose between body wave and deep wave that is if you want to have a more defined curlier pattern than body wave but not as curly as deep wave curly, it would be the perfect texture for you. You would definitely love it best.
Deep-wave curly is very soft and blends great with natural curly hair. It looks almost the same. It is also great for those who want a natural curly look and it has a more defined curl pattern than loose wave. You can wet your deep wave curly hair and many people use one and only styling cream to keep the curls looking gorgeous. Styling creams can be chosen differently from one person to the next. You know what you require most.


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